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Savannah Care Center provides services to men and women in our community facing unplanned pregnancy decisions. These services are provided mainly by volunteers who have a passion for Jesus and for life-affirming ministry.

Our Center is overseen by a board of directors responsible for ensuring the effective oversight of the pregnancy center. We also employ a small team of full and part-time staff members who oversee day-to-day operations.

Whether you would like to make a financial donation or offer your time and skills, there are many opportunities to serve onsite or offsite with Savannah Care Center as a volunteer. Additionally, you will find information about becoming a board member and any job openings on this page.

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How To Apply

Thank you for considering being a part of the Savannah Care Center family. Below, you will find details about areas of service. All volunteers must complete our application and sign our Mission & Vision Statement, Statement of Faith, and Code of Christian Conduct to be considered.

You may print the forms and fill them out by hand, or you may fill them out digitally. Please return your completed forms (signed and dated) by email, mail, or drop them off in-person at the center. We look forward to scheduling our first meeting, getting to know you better, and serving our Lord and our community together.

Savannah Care Center
We provide compassionate, non-judgemental support for women and men facing unplanned pregnancy decisions.
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